About the Artist

 Amora is a self-taught artist who left her profession as a physical therapist and made a huge career transition in 2020. 

 Equipped with a cheap phone and stylus that she acquired online, her art career started on April 2020, when she began accepting art commissions from friends (and friends of friends). This part-time gig of hers eventually sparked the motivation to return to her first love and ultimately rekindled her passion for arts.

Realizing she could make money out of doing what she loves, she contemplated for months, weighed the pros and cons, and considered all the possibilities; she finally left her hospital work last September 2020. A few weeks after quitting her profession, Amora got hired as an illustrator by a small foreign company (thanks to her friend, Margaux!) and never looked back since.

It was not until January 2021, when she decided to produce and sell fan-made stickers of Atarashii Gakko!--a Japanese girl group whom she developed an obsession with at that time. Since then, she has been driven to keep creating new designs, consistently releasing KPop and Anime-inspired stickers. It gradually expanded when she started offering other merch such as button pins, keychains, phone grips, and mugs.

Amora does not have a niche as she hates sticking to one form of art only. She does not only draw cute chibi art but she also illustrates semi-realistic portraits and paints on canvases using acrylics.


Here are photos of the paintings she recently finished using her cats, Butter and Oreo, as the meow-dels:


Catto van Gogh and Meow-na Lisa, 2024